Fossilcote’s New Coatings- Driven by Demand for Sustainable Solutions

Fossilcote, Africa’s floor and wall Coatings Company has announced plans to develop a range of new products as a way of penetrating new markets. The company has established a very good opportunity for its new line of products-molding materials, powder coatings and protective coatings in the construction and automotive industries. Fossilcote wants to support its customers in these sectors more effectively with highly innovative coating solutions, which match their requirements.

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“We realize that there is a huge demand for self-cleaning, anti-molding and anti-corrosive enabling coatings by both the construction and automotive industries in Africa. Our plan is to provide these industries with value-added, top-notch products. This is an important new offering, which will showcase our commitment to developing innovative products that fit in the purpose of our clients’ needs.” Said Craig Robertson, Business Development Manager at Fossilcote.

Fossilcote has a reputation for developing and manufacturing high-quality innovative products-both floor and wall coating systems. A couple of years ago Fossilcote developed a polyurethane floor coating system that offers antimicrobial protection. This innovation has not gone unnoticed by businesses in the food and beverage industry.

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What are the common applications of Epoxy Flooring in Africa?

There are many uses for epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy is flooring is most ideal in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. In Kenya, many industrial business owners choose industrial epoxy coating to transform their industrial warehouses into an attractive and functional workshops. An industrial epoxy floor coating is one of the most durable and attractive solutions.


Yes! Epoxy flooring can stand up well against heat, fire, abrasions, water and is also nearly impervious to almost all chemicals, including bleach, gasoline, and oil. You can expect your seamless epoxy floor to last for about a decade and protect the concrete underneath while looking as great as it performs. Epoxy floor can hold up against heavy-duty cleaning chemicals and disinfectants that would wear out other floor systems. Epoxy flooring also shines when it comes to commercial use. Fossilcote decorative epoxy can fit well with any commercial design.

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Africa’s top-leading Epoxy Flooring provider

Fossilcote epoxy flooring Includes polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings. In addition,Fossilcote has the experience to supply and cater for epoxy flooring, deliver and install your next commercial, industrial project needs.We dispatch high-performance resinous floor coatings to customers throughout East Africa, North Africa, South Africa, West Africa, North Africa and East Africa.

If you reside in any of these African countries and you require industrial or commercial floors, call  Fossilcote Epoxy Flooring on +254797367745 OR requests will be catered to by Fossilcote representatives efficiently and professionally. Furthermore, our teams travel to almost any country in Africa, from Uganda to Tanzania, Zanzibar and other territories in East Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa. Fossilcote travel anywhere anytime.

Fossilcote Epoxy Floor Solutions

These coatings have become hugely popular today.
Used for industrial epoxy flooring, commercial, pharmaceutical, and residential premises. Fossilcote epoxy coatings give concrete surfaces higher strength and look good.


Many businesses and industrial facilities use Fossilcote epoxy coatings. Among Fossilcote’s installations and customers, there are warehouses, commercial retail stores, bakeries, factories, laboratories, butcheries, hospitals, commercial kitchens, operation rooms and many others too many just to list but a few.
Once cured, Fossilcote epoxy coatings are glossy, seamless, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Fossilcote Epoxy floor coatings will provide you with a specialist paint that’s both echo-friendly and hygienic. We know that you have shut down windows and tight schedules. We will do the job on time, and we will consistently deliver the highest quality products and workmanship.

Fossilcote applicators are experienced and well trained. No job or project is too small or big for them. Fossilcote is certainly your best choice of company for epoxy flooring services here in Africa. We have the ability and skills to give you a perfect the job first time
If you are in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia or anywhere in Africa we can and will assist you with your next project.Wanna know more about Fossilcote’s epoxy flooring services?

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Epoxy Flooring & Coatings in Kenya

Looking for industrial epoxy coatings for your commercial and industrial floors? Get in touch with us today for more information. For industries where chemical resistant flooring are a requirement, Fossilcote offers high performance chemical resistant flooring, coatings, and linings. These chemical resistant coating and lining systems provide protection from erosion, contamination, plus seepage caused by chemical spills or leaks.


In addition to epoxy coatings and flooring, Fossilcote has a full line of polyurethane coatings, available as finish coats, for floor coating as well as surfacing applications. Our polyurethane coatings have 100% solid content, which provides excellent UV protection in exterior applications.

Fossilcote flooring is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Our main offices are based in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. We operate and service East Africa, West Africa, North Africa and southern African countries. Please call us on: +254797367745 or visit us at our offices at Sabaki Mlolongo, opposite Signature Mall at Unit J3 Building.

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Looking for Anti-corrosive Floor Coating Services?

Fossilcote is offering epoxy floor coating services to reputable brands like Picfair Uganda, Movit, Silafrika, Mukwano Tea and several more others. Fossilcote services food & beverage companies, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, retail stores  and manufacturing firms both Industrial and commercial. We are Africa’s most trusted and reliable manufacturer and installer of high-performance resin flooring solutions. Fossilcote’s key components include epoxy floor screeds, Polyurethane floor coatings, decorative floor toppings like flake epoxy and quartz epoxy. We have also introduced a new flooring system known as signature floors which comprise of pearlescent epoxy floors, metallic epoxy floors, concrete stainer floors, shimmer epoxy floors.

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Fossilcote flooring is highly innovative and delivers lasting impressions. For instance, we offer anti-corrosive floor coatings that we produce locally using international resin flooring technology. Fossilcote anti-corrosive epoxy floor coatings are self-priming and glossy in appearance. They are extensively being used to protect concrete structures, iron and any other metallic surface from rusting and corrosion.

We charge reasonable rates for providing anti-corrosive epoxy floor coating installation services to our clients!

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Epoxy Mortar Flooring

Did you know that when selecting the best floor coating for commercial or industrial facility, the conditions to which the area will be exposed must be considered? For areas exposed to heavy traffic both vehicular and human, a relatively light duty concrete coating may be sufficient to protect from daily wear and tear. Many industrial facilities also include areas that will regularly be subjected to extreme conditions, such as the storage and movement of heavy loads, and traffic by forklifts and other heavy vehicles. The flooring in such areas will require greater protection to continue to perform well over time.

Fossilcote Epoxy mortar system is designed to be used as a heavy duty coating and is often a viable flooring option for areas that require that extra level of protection. It provides a high-build system that is highly impact and chemical resistant, very durable and have excellent abrasion resistance to withstand the movement of heavy machinery. It can also help aid against slip and fall incidents by adding additional texture to enhance worker safety.



Fossilcote is Africa’s most trusted epoxy flooring Solutions Company. Want to know more? Dig deeper into the specs of the Fossilcote epoxy mortar system! Contact us today! ​​​Call: +254797367745 OR

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Africa’s Best Epoxy Flooring Solutions Provider

Fossilcote is Africa’s top-leading epoxy and polyurethane flooring company based in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa servicing all the East Africa, West Africa, North Africa and South African countries. As Africa’s top-leading epoxy and polyurethane flooring provider, Fossilcote’s combination of expertise in correct product selection, installation, and services enables their customers to optimize their flooring investments.

Fossilcote has vast experience in epoxy flooring. Fossilcote know the right product to recommend, to help you find the flooring choice that will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your living. Fossilcote’s team of expert installers will ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction.


We care for our customers, because we know that making them happy is vital to the future success of our company.

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