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Executive desk. Office chair. Workstation…name it! From nature-friendly bedding to environmentally conscious decor, FossilworX got you covered! We have a variety of affordable, eco-friendly furniture options available. These brands are made from recycled eco-friendly materials and we focus on fair trade and responsible production practices.


FossilworX hand-made eco-friendly furniture is created in a manner that has minimum negative impact on the environment. The wood used come from renewable sources and any chemicals used in the process do not pollute or harm the environment.

Handmade customizable Funiture

We source all of our materials through sustainable sources and we are proud of the fact that no trees are cut down to provide wood specifically for our furniture. All of the wood used in the furniture made by FossilworX is reclaimed from local sources that have been verified by FossilworX.

For a wide variety of sustainable furniture choices, look no further! Contact FossilworX. Send your enquiries to: All items are available for purchase via our website; just a few examples include:

  1. Household-these includes dining tables, beds, sideboards, wall cabinets, shelving units, dressers, nightstands, storage shelves, sofas and loveseats
  2. Chillout-outdoor chairs, outdoor tables, gazibos, picnic chilouts
  3. Office-visitor chairs, file cabinets, storage benches, book cases and sustainable desks
  4. Shopfits-cabinets, chairs, tables
  5. Schools-gazibos, chairs and tables, kindergarten setup

Fossilcote represented in South Africa

Unit HPA6 HI Park

Saxenburg Road

Blackheath, Cape Town

Fossilcote has a widespread presence on the African continent. We currently export our specialist flooring products and services to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Angola, DR Congo, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

Fossilcote are now the main distributors of epoxy flooring solutions for the East African region. With their main office located at Sabaki Mlolongo along Mombasa road. Fossilcote supplies and services the entire East African community and SADC.


Fossilcote’s approved application team spans these African countries, offering high quality installation services. We also offer technical and advisory support. Our abled and experienced Business Development Manager Mr. Craig Robertson will deal with your enquiries.

Have you got an upcoming flooring project, or simply need some advice on how to go about with your flooring? Contact Fossilcote Limited or visit their website at


There are a number of factors that will influence the cost of your epoxy flooring. Understanding what factors influence the cost of epoxy flooring projects can help you determine roughly how much your next flooring project will cost.

Several factors influence the price of fossilcote epoxy flooring. Here is a look at some of the factors Fossilcote may use to determine the price for clients looking  looking to have their epoxy flooring installed by Fossilcote.

Potential exposure to extreme temperatures

Certain work environments, such as those in processing plants or commercial kitchens, experience extreme changes in temperature. The epoxy flooring that is installed will need to be able to withstand such extreme changes, which will increase the cost of the project.

The type of epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor coating comes in a variety of colors and designs. Residential epoxy flooring can be done in neutral colors like grey, white, or clear. Metallic epoxy, flake epoxy and epoxy quartz can cost an arm and a leg because these are decorative coatings. They add a sparkle to your floor.

The current condition of your floor

Before you begin to consider the types of epoxy flooring available, you need to repair any damage to your flooring. This can cost a lot more both financially and in labour. If epoxy is being applied to older floors that have cracks, chips, or crumbling concrete, repairing these issues is required prior to applying epoxy. If the floor isn’t in good condition and needs to be sanded down and levelled, seal the potholes, repair the dents on the floor, then cost of epoxy installation will go higher.

The choice of epoxy color

Just like any other flooring, epoxy offers a vast selection of shades and tints. The color and design of epoxy flooring can be customized to any type of area. However, coloring and customizing epoxy floors will be a separate expense to the materials and labor. Epoxy comes in neutral colors that are much more economical than colored epoxy.


Before providing a price quote for a project Fossilcote Limited will conduct a site visit to assess the condition of your floor. Our professionals will also ask several questions to determine what your needs are when it comes to epoxy flooring. Using the information you provide, we will be able to provide you with a better understanding of how much your epoxy flooring project will cost.

Square footage:

The dimensions of your flooring project will determine how much epoxy you’ll need to purchase as well as any additional materials needed for the job. The larger the area needing epoxy requires additional materials, labor and time. If the room is 50’ x 75’, you would need enough epoxy to cover 3750 square feet.

There is more to the cost of epoxy flooring than just the material itself! Contact Fossilcote to learn more about what factors could influence the price of your next epoxy flooring project.


Fossilcote keeps Festive Season Busy!

While other companies shutdown for the festive season and holidays, Fossilcote is busy at work. Festive period is one of our busiest times of year for major resin flooring projects, and this year 2019 is no exception. Fossilcote application team is highly organized and coordinated to ensure quality and efficiency to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Some of our festive shutdown projects include the installation of various resin and screed flooring in the food & beverage, manufacturing, packaging and automotive sectors. Fossilcote offers flooring solutions that is anti-bacterial, antistatic, HACCP Accredited, easy to clean and maintain. Follow Fossilcote blog on WordPress to catch more about year-end facility shutdown and maintenance flooring projects!


Year End Facility Shutdown & Maintenance Projects

The year is almost over! Festive season is here.Christmas is in the air! Many industries are in the process of shutting down production. You may be thinking about a couple of year-end projects you need to get done in your industrial facility. Is it new flooring, floor repair or reconstruction? Are you planning to install a new epoxy floor for your warehouse or garage? No matter what project you have in mind, now is the time to set the ball rolling.

We are getting so many calls from clients to get their manufacturing facilities coated or polished with Fossilcote smart tech coatings. The first few weeks of November and December are in high demand. Installing a new floor finish is a great way to make the most of the unavoidable shutdown that accompanies the festive season – as when the machines fire up again the site will be better placed to meet the site’s needs.


Renovating during a holiday shutdown avoids having to close the facility at a later date, when downtime will have a detrimental effect on productivity and profits. Fossilcote’s extensive product range and industrial flooring experience makes us a highly valuable flooring partner during the summer shutdown, as we can provide the advice, solutions and knowledge required to carry out a successful floor maintenance project.

If you are thinking about spending money on an epoxy floor at your year-end shutdown you want to make sure you spend your money wisely and you get the best company for the job. Fossilcote can help you on your project – call +254797367745 or email at


SMART COATINGS-What does smart Coating mean?

Fossilcote has now developed new environmentally safe coatings for corrosion protection. Fossilcote smart self-healing coatings protect metals and alloys against corrosion, in different technological applications due to releasing the active agents of the coat in a controllable manner for preventing cracks propagation in the protective coat.

These coatings possess passive matrix functionality and actively respond to changes in the local environment. Fossilcote Smart coatings are made of responsive materials containing unique chemical, physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics. These smart coating are responsive and interactive with the different environmental changes such as pressure, light, heat and chemical effeAdd a heading(1)

Fossilcote smart coatings are generally classified in the basis of preparation techniques, functional and reactive components and their uses and applications. Smart coatings have the following benefits: They are self-healing, self-cleaning, antimicrobial, self-assembling, electro-active, bio-active, photo-responsive, super-hydrophobic, eco-friendly, and anticorrosive in nature. In the process of protection of metallic substrates, Fossilcote smart coatings have multi tasks such as sensing, protection and healing.

The responsive materials in Fossilcote smart coatings contain neutral pH and have stable capsule shells. When corrosion occurs, the coatings result in a basic pH, which in turn causes the pH-sensitive shell to hydrolyze and break. The broken microcapsule releases the corrosion inhibitor contents, self-healing agents and the film-forming compounds to repair and protect the damaged area.

Smart coatings are ideal for use in medical, military, textile, transport, construction, electronics and other industries for protection against corrosion and abrasion, as well as other surface protection purposes.

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Fossilcote makes advancement in smart technology!

Come to think of it! Have you ever envisaged a type of coating that undergoes reversible rearrangement in response to specific stimuli (pH, temperature, humidity, surface contact, etc.), with the polymer rearrangement significantly changing the surface properties? Now these coatings are available. Our futuristic coatings are here. It’s about smart technology! Fossilcote is selling you a lifestyle, an enhancement, value for your money! Such an innovation has the potential to reduce cost, the need for maintenance, and the necessity of dangerous repainting jobs.

Fossilcote smart coatings provide a wide range of other performance attributes in addition to their smart behavior. One of the unique features of Fossilcote smart coatings is their ability to repel water. Their smart coatings are ultra-hydrophobic and can be used in stain resistant clothing, corrosion inhibitors and other items.

Smart coatings can detect temperature changes, corrosion, stress, microbes and a host of other possible issues, and have a wide range of uses including bio-weapon detection (and destruction), electronics, textiles, medicine and corrosion control.


Untitled design

NB:Illustration diagram showing the mechanisms in smart protective coatings

Fossilcote smart coatings are made of hybrid-resin systems. This is a brand new technique that entails combining various tethered resin types, all of which have unique properties. If the right process conditions are met, the coating structure can be organized to ensure each resin type’s functionality is maximized.

The paint and coatings industry has a vast scope for change as has been seen in the recent past. The above innovations by Fossilcote really only represent a fraction of what the industry will produce in the next 10 years. Suppliers and manufacturers are working to bring these new developments into the public sphere to improve performance and of course profit from their endeavor. It is also worth noting that such organizations continue to work towards reducing the environmental impact of their products.

Why Epoxy Flooring and not Tiles?

Epoxy flooring has unique features that give it an edge over other flooring options like tiles. Firstly, epoxy is seamlessly giving it an added advantage when it comes to hygiene. It doesn’t accumulate dust, it is easy to clean, and to apply for this reason less downtime. On the other hand, we can agree that tiles are great dust accumulators. Tiles attract dust and dirt in grout joints which can be breeding grounds for microorganisms causing allergic reactions and irritation. They are also difficult to install hence time-consuming as well as labor-intensive.


Epoxy floors have outstanding features that make them exceptionally good than tiles. Epoxy floors are resistant to almost everything ranging from chemicals, bleach, gasoline, oil and spillage. Epoxy flooring is most preferred choice for industrial floors, especially in the automotive sector and garages.

Thirdly, epoxy flooring has a longer life-span compared to other types of flooring. The seamless nature of epoxy floors makes them impervious hence no moisture can penetrate through the coating to make them pop-up. People living in a cold climate region tend to be the most disadvantaged when it comes to tile flooring. Due to moisture issues, tiles become damp and when exposed to freezing temperatures they crack.

Alex Okedi(2)

A house looks good as its floor, epoxy is not your plan and design flooring but the dream floor. Epoxy flooring is one of the most stable yet important investments for your industrial and commercial applications.

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