Month: May 2017

About Fossilcote Interior Stucco

Fossilcote stucco is a blend of white cement and lime paste decorative plaster formulated in the tradition of the Old Italian plasterers, but using modern day materials. It’s one of the most popular interior wall finishes being used more and more in lieu of tiles in bathrooms and kitchens as an interior decor. There are benefits associated with using Fossilcote stucco for both home renovation and construction. The beauty of this product is that it finishes to a soft sophisticated even mottle. Fossilcote stucco is the finish of choice for many home owners looking for a fashionable way to pimp their homes and change its curb appeal.stucco acrylic


The Stucco can be applied on new interior plaster as well as on to sound previously painted interior surfaces. Always ensure the surface is prepared in accordance with normal practice before you apply this stucco. The following considerations must be taken into account prior to application of Fossilcote Interior Stucco.

Surface and Preparation

  1. On new Plaster that’s chase mark free and shrinkage crack free, apply directly to substrate and always dampen the wall for better curing prior to applying Fossilcote Interior Stucco. On a new Plaster with patching and chase marks, apply one mortar bind slurry coat as per data sheet, followed by  one coat Down to Earth Textured Primer  and then apply Fossilcote Interior Stucco.
  2. On previously painted surfaces, if high sheen sand with 40 grit sandpaper and apply one coat Down to Earth Textured Primer then apply Fossilcote Interior Stucco.
  3. On Unsound previously painted surfaces e.g. Lime washed, patched and repaired walls remove all chalky loose material by wire brush, sandpaper or mechanical sander, and then apply one mortar bind slurry coat as per data sheet. Then apply one coat Down to Earth Coarse Aggregate Primer.

Application and Spread Rate 

Fossilcote Interior Stucco will cover approximately 18-20 sqm. Per bag onto well finished conventional plaster. It will not perform as it should if applied more than 3mm thick. Use 4 – 6 liters of water per 25kg Bag to achieve a stiff buttery consistency, which does not slump.

Fossilcote Interior Stucco is applied to a thickness of 2 – 3mm by steel trowel, and then allowed to stiffen. Stiffening will occur in approximately 30 minutes in normal conditions. Remember in cold weather, stiffing time can double and on prepared painted surfaces, drying will take longer as hydration only occurs from the exterior.  After stiffening, finish the product off with a wet steel trowel.  Do not flick more water onto the surface.  Use short 30 – 50cm random movements with the trowel.

When applying Interior Stucco with fleck there are two ways to expose the added fleck. You can do so by either finishing with a sponge float to remove the “fat” from the surface and expose the fleck, or by sanding with 220 grit water paper once the Stucco is dry. When dry, lightly sand with 220 grit water paper to remove any surface imperfections which may be caused by the applicators trowel.  Wipe off all dust with a damp cloth.  Finally, apply two coats of Fossilcote Mattseal to enhance washability.

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What you need to know about Silver Ion technology

First, let us look at what HACCP means: Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is a preventive approach to food safety from chemical, biological, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished products to be unsafe.

Fossilcote has a new measure to reduce these risks. In the food and beverage industry, to keep up with the required levels of hygiene, having this additive incorporated into the polyurethane matrix, helps to achieve this.

Silver is a naturally occurring element that is proven to be safe and effective in fighting a range of microbes including SARS, E-coli, MRSA, C. difficile and Salmonella typhi among others. It is built into the system so as the floor wears, the silver ions become more exposed. It remains active for the entire life of the floor setting our apart from other flooring solutions.

So, what happens when the microbes come into contact with the silver ions?

Cell growth is combated in three ways:952c9710-eefd-4c8d-b1d6-12da7d9381d7image25

  • Inhibits transport functions in the cell walls (respiration)
  • Inhibits cell division (reproduction)
  • Interrupts cell metabolism

The benefits of our floor system, which are HACCP accredited, make it an appealing choice for any environment where sanitation and cleanliness are of the upmost importance. Other options such as coving can be used for customers seeking the optimal conditions.

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