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HACCP and Food Safe Flooring: What You Need To know

Food safety must be carefully monitored at every step of food production. Agencies and governments in Kenya and South Africa are now imposing stringent regulations governing the conditions in facilities that process foods and beverages. In South Africa, following the directive by the local government, most food processors have embarked on the HACCP plan.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system designed to identify and control hazards which might occur anywhere in a food processing operation. It is an internationally recognized benchmark of food safety management, and as such is an important set of criteria for businesses eager to give customers confidence in the safety of the food processing operation.

To meet the HACCP International standard, we design our building products to allow for adequate drainage and cleaning. Fossilcote resinous system installations allow for the creation or correction of the floor’s slope toward the drain, and can include an integral floor-to-wall cove base. This eliminates ninety-degree angles in the floor-wall structure, in support of more efficient cleaning and overall facility hygiene.


Image: Food Safe Epoxy Floor with Anti-microbial Additive

As Africa’s leading resin flooring manufacturer, meeting the ISO standard as well as implementing the HACCP plan means quite a lot for us as a company. This accreditation ensures that our clients in the food and beverage sector operating a HACCP based food safety programme can specify our flooring materials eco-friendly in the knowledge that they will meet the relevant regulatory authority’s standards for safe procurement, production and processing as well as the requirements of the world’s leading quality and food safety standards.

Fossilcote Limited Business Development Director, Craig Robertson, said: “Our range of antimicrobial enhanced Epoxy floors has been able to achieve the HACCP International certification thanks to its ability to deliver a long list of strict food industry flooring requirements.”

HACCP guidelines state that a seamless and impervious finish must be maintained at all times, even when subjected to a large-scale food processing facility’s intense working environment. Fossilcote flooring system has been specifically formulated to provide a surface that will comply with food industry regulations for an extended period of time despite the sector’s inherently challenging conditions.

To provide food manufacturers with a floor that goes above and beyond the highest food safety standards, Fossilcote treats their floor with silver ion and polygiene technology. This silver-ion based bactericidal additive empowers the floor finish and has the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the surface.

The Polygiene agent formulation in our floor finish means that physical damage to the coating won’t create a safe haven for contaminants that’s out of reach of the bacteria killing flooring ingredient.

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Cementitious Coatings

Fossilcote cementitious coating is a type of wall coating blended with white or grey Portland cement OPC and selected compatible pigments.It fills and seals the voids and pores in the surface imparting durability, strength and uniform appearance.

Fossilcote cementitious coatings are available in a variety of standard colours for use on both interior and exterior applications.They are especially best suited for application on masonry and concrete surfaces. The end result of these coatings is a distinctly unique mottled look that adds some texture to the surface.


Images: A sample of Fossilcote Cementitious Wall Coatings


  • Fossilcote cementitious coatings are typically applied to concrete and masonry surfaces to waterproof and improve the appearance of the surface. Typical applications include:
  • Exterior foundation walls
  • Interior basement walls
  • Exterior walls of blocks, bricks, or concrete buildings
  • Tunnel walls
  • Light pedestrian horizontal surfaces
  • Pools or brine tanks


  1. Eco-friendly-suitable for use in portable water storage facilities
  2. Provides a uniform decorative appearance
  3. It is solvent free and odorless It is durable and permanently water proof
  4. Will not crack or peel when water passes behind the film
  5. Provides maximum protection against UV light
  6. Does not tolerate growth of mould or mildew
  7. Wears well over time
  8. Low maintenance and economical

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How to Apply Cement Paint onto Exterior Walls

Painting the exterior walls of your home requires you to follow the same procedures:


Pre-painting work:

For exterior surfaces, it is very important to undertake repairs of any wall imperfections before commencing on painting job. The most common problem with exterior wall painting is cracks in the wall. Avoid filling compound while painting exterior surfaces.

Surface Preparation:

Newly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure for at least 35 to 45 days before wall painting. Previously oil painted surfaces should be sanded thoroughly to remove loose particles and with matt for better adhesion. Exterior rough surfaces, previously coated with cement paint, should be wire brushed and washed with water thoroughly and dried completely.Also ensure that the surface is chalk-free before painting it.


First prime the new surface. Then apply the Exterior Wall Primer. Finally, apply two coats of top coat paint on the surface. It is recommended that horizontal surfaces like the tops of walls must be given an additional coat for greater protection.

Wall maintenance:

Most wall paints are washable. They can be periodically cleaned with mild soap water solution. However, some walls may have permanent or stubborn stains that would make it difficult to be removed. To minimize such stains, clean the walls immediately before the stains dry up. Remember to check the walls periodically for flaking or peeling paint. In case of moisture detection, resolve the problem immediately, so as to minimize damage to the area.

NB: The newly painted surface should not be cleaned in less than 2 weeks after application of finished coat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Floors

Facility Managers, Architects and Designers each have their own perspective about floors. ”Are your floors skid resistant?” They are always demanding to know. ”What about the colors? Can I get my floor in red? Is the floor resistant to chemicals and stains? Is it easy to clean and maintain? Will the floor cure faster? And what about the cost?”

These are just some of the frequently asked questions customers inquire about time after time. Ken, Fossilcote’s approved installer experienced this challenge when he was on site installing a floor for a packaging Company in Uganda. Both the Architect and the Facility Manager were at stand by to ensure that Ken installed the solvent free resin, low odor and fast-curing epoxy coating with green colorant. The finished product was to be skid free,glossy and durable. Ken executed great workmanship that gratified both the Facility Manager and the Architect.


Was  the client contended? Well, yes! They were delighted with Fossilcote and even referred us to another client in the Food & Beverage business who contracted us to install a floor for his Beverage Facility. Our installation team is currently doing the last phase of this project at the facility. Hoping that by next week on Monday, the project will be complete.

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Fossilcote Expands market shares in Greater Africa

Fossilcote Limited, a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial, industrial and institutional Epoxy floor coating systems, is partnering with more commercial stakeholders in efforts to meet the growing demand for its quality flooring solutions in the greater Africa.

craig 1

Photo 1:  Craig Robertson at the Fossilcote Reception .

Business Development Director, Craig Robertson, boasts an extensive list of accomplishments that showcases his outstanding technical skills, sales record, business development and history of success within the industry. He assures that Fossilcote expects to bring on board more stakeholders this financial year. There’s growing demand for quality flooring products in the African Market. It’s a revolution. It is about our customers. It’s about their needs. It’s about the current market demand,” Craig indicated.

Fossilcote operates in South Africa, SADC, EAC and West Africa, But the company is now expanding its market to the larger Africa, extending its tentacles to over 30 countries. But a curious mind may be interested to know why so many foreign investors would flock to Fossilcote? For a number of factors regulate the reason why one would want to invest in a particular company. The contributing factors are to do with Fossilcote Business Developing Module, the way they service their clientele and their requirements, and Fossilcote’s commitment to quality flooring solutions.


Photo 2: Craig Robertson, with Fossilcote  Sales & Marketing team in a boardroom meeting

Seemingly, Fossilcote has an exceptional status for producing a comprehensive resinous flooring and wall protection coatings, while providing incredible customer support. It is one company that is in alignment with the industry dynamics and growing demands. There’s potential for massive evolution. Needless to say, Fossilcote envisages a bright future of continued development, revolution and market leadership in Africa.




Reasons why Your Food Processing Facility requires a Polyurethane Resin Floor system

Food safety is critical for consumer confidence and the hygienic design of food processing facilities is central to the production of safe food and beverage products. The sensitive nature of food processing environments and the risk of contamination demands that food safety be factored into the design and construction of a food or beverage facility at planning stage.

Fossilcote Limited is a leading manufacturer of a seamless resinous polyurethane floor tailored to fit the needs and requirements of the Food and Beverage firms. Fossilcote polyurethane is incorporated with silver ion to protect against harmful bacteria like salmonella that would normally cause food contamination.


Our Solidkote Turbo WB for instance meets these needs. This polyurethane floor is antimicrobial and VOC compliant. It’s also designed to minimize slippery surfaces, enhancing plant worker safety.

Fred Wasonga, Fossilcote’s Sales Manager has vast experience in Epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. He has done business with quite a number of Fossilcote clients in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and Rwanda. He always recommends a Polyurethane resin floor for these clients in the food & Beverage Industry. Here are 4 reasons as to why a polyurethane Resin floor is the best bet for your Food Processing Business:

1.Polyurethane floor is more flexible than epoxy and it is this flexibility that aids in absorbing impacts better.

2.The resistance to chemicals is better in a Polyurethane floor than in an epoxy.

3.polyurethane floors can provide a very glossy surface that will give your floor depth.

4.A polyurethane floor is U.V. stable.

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How to choose the Right Floor for Your Food Processing Facility

We understand that keeping your Food production facility running efficiently while complying with safety standards is paramount to your reputation. Fossilcote ultra durable flooring systems offer superior protection against bacteria, sugar, bloodstains and caustic cleaning agents. This ensures less food contamination. We incorporate within every of our floor, a antimicrobial agent based on silver ion. This additive is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that come into contact with the floor.


Many food processing environments are prone to wet working conditions, for example in dairy facilities. To avoid accidents form slips and falls, Fossilcote designs their polyurethane floor to enhance traction underfoot and make it safer for workers moving around on-site.

We are producing durable Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin floor systems that are not only easy to clean, but also can withstand higher thermal shock and chemical attack. We have installed a polyurethane floor for Kenya Wine Agencies Limited. Last week Fossilcote team was in Uganda working on a floor project for Movit Co. We have a wider client base across Africa. We operate as far as Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Cameroon, Uganda and Tanzania.

Our clients prefer a high-quality epoxy or polyurethane floor for their Commercial facilities. We pride in the fact that we produce Polyurethane and Epoxy floor systems that meet the requirements and needs of these clients. But most remarkably, all Fossilcote floor systems are HACCP Accredited.

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