Month: August 2017

Surface Floor Specification and Benchmarks

A critical step in a successful industrial flooring installation is the right surface condition specifications prior to the application of the flooring system. The long life of your new floor depends on it. By preparing the surface with the right amount of profile, we can ensure a proper bond of the coatings to the substrate, extending your floor’s strength, durability and beauty.


Surface Solutions consider a number of factors when determining the type of surface preparation required for the installation of your industrial flooring. Floor Specifications should include time schedules and acceptable levels of noise and dust. Is there time in the schedule for concrete to dry to the required moisture level if water is being used in the cleaning process? Other specifications may include how uniform, clean, rough, and what strength the concrete substrate should before a coating or overlay installation. If the specifications don’t cover these issues, make sure they get covered. If testing is required, the types of tests should be incorporated into the specifications.


Proposals for surface preparation specifications should clearly spell out cleaning methods, profiling method, and surface defect repair procedures.Our job specifications for surface preparation state the surface should be sound, free from surface defects dry, and clean. It is important that the job specifications, the coatings or overlay specifications, and the expectations of the architect and or project engineer are in alignment.

All of us in construction are familiar with the “I did it per the specs” excuse. It is when the job has gone awry and a reason must be found as to why, so begins the blame game. The problem is often the job specifications and the product specifications do not coincide.

Property managers, and designers will start at the end, considering the desired result and ask”, what is the end result of the new floor we are looking for“? Fossilcote reviews their reputable products that will produce that result, and then write the specifications following the product manufacturers instructions for installation and considering the job conditions. The above is not an easy task, but it beats the blame game that occurs when it is not done.



What makes Epoxy Floor so popular?

Epoxy floor has major operational advantages for industries. The smooth and seamless surface  makes it ideal for the movement of forklift trucks and other vehicles that are shifting heavy loads on a continuous basis. Also the seamless structure makes this floor easier for cleaning and does not allow the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.


Self-leveling epoxy floor also provides a very aesthetic appeal since the glossy seamless look makes the space look bigger and far more attractive.This  is why architects love them and often specify them for commercial and retail spaces.

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Fossilcote Insists on the quality of a floor grinding machine

While contractors continue to face growing concerns regarding a shrinking workforce, tighter production schedules and increasing environmental regulations, along with the fact that paints, coatings, mortars and floor coverings are becoming more difficult to remove or repair, Fossilcote Limited, a leading manufacturer and installer of epoxy flooring system  along with the cooperation of our worldwide network of dealers and users, continue to improve our services and introduce new and innovative tools, for existing surface preparation to enhance  the quality of our service production. See the photo below taken in South Africa where Fossilcote skilled floor installation experts are inspecting and adjusting their newly acquired grinder machine.

south Africa pic 1

Our dedicated team strives to be, not only knowledgeable about the surface preparation equipment that we use, but also understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Here at Fossilcote Limited, we are willing to prove the value of our tools through demonstrations before we set forth with our work. With our continued commitment to customer service, and the improvement of our services, Fossilcote Limited is positioned to forge ahead, impacting this growing industry. If you are an existing customer, we thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to earn your ongoing business. If you are not a current customer, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you why Fossilcote Limited is the leader in Epoxy floor repair and installation.

south Africa pic 2

Image : Craig Robertson on the front, and standing behind him in red is Kaylin

Please feel free to check out all our hard-working and experienced professionals. We’re lucky enough to have some of the best floor installation specialists. Fossilcote floor installation team is often used in subcontracting agreements where we lease both workforce and equipment to the main contractor of any particular job. Get in touch with us directly to discuss your needs. We’d love to hear from you! Email us at  or  call +254797367745

Looking for an Exterior Wall Coating that outlasts paint?

We hereby guarantee you a complete service, starting with carrying out any necessary repairs or refurbishments through to protecting and decorating the existing wall surface to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish.

You can trust all our products to do the job you need them for, and in most cases, they last even longer and perform even better than what the product guarantees say. Our cementitious wall coating is a convenient and practical way to beautify your home, reduce wall maintenance costs, and instantly boost its curb appeal. It is a thick, architectural coating that is suitable for residential, commercial and many industrial applications. Fossilcote cementitious coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces at a much affordable cost and puts an end to the hassle and expense of painting.66cdf47431a63a5b3f92919495928a11--exterior-walls

Image 1: Sample cementitious wall coated House

cement paint (002)

Image 2: Sample Fossilcote Cementitious coating for Exterior Walls

We are fully recognized, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with our own fully trained, professional and highly experienced installation crews.

In the coating industry, it takes a long time to build a good reputation and a short time to lose it. You are only as good as your last job, and ultimately our customers settle the balance when they`re happy after the work is completed. You can`t say fairer than that.

Why should you choose Fossilcote Cementitious Coatings? All of our coatings are flexible, breathable and are able to deal with damp problems. We provide a like for like “price beater” service. We cater to customers in the larger Africa. Our coating systems will not chip, crack, flake or peel. We are an approved contractor. We have extensive experience in this field.

We at Fossilcote understand that cost is high on the list of priorities when deciding to embark on any home improvement project and so we not only pride ourselves on the high standard of our craftsmanship but also on the value for money that our services represent.

We actually go further than that by providing quotations, not estimates, which ensures the agreed price will not change and so our customers are protected. We are confident we can provide the best value external wall coatings, so we can offer to beat any like-for-like price you are offered. For free advice on cementitious wall coatings, call us, on +254797367745.





FAQs About Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Although typically epoxies are one of the most popular floor coatings for commercial and industrial sites, polyurethane floor coatings are still regarded by many as the most reliable and economical choice when it comes to a high-quality floor finish. A polyurethane floor finish is scratch resistant, can withstand heavy impact, and abrasion and is a valuable choice when considering which floor coating to use in your facility.

What is a Polyurethane Coating?

A polyurethane floor is a highly flexible, highly abrasion-resistant floor coating that is known for its shine and longevity. Currently, Polyurethane floor coatings are one of the most historically used products in building and architectural planning. They are known to be highly flexible and allow for high levels of foot traffic and large machinery usage. In addition, Polyurethane floors will remain glossy and new-looking even if in contact with abrasives like glass, sand, or concrete.


Image: Sample Fossilcote polyurethane Floor Finish for the Food Industry


What Are the Common Problems with Polyurethane Floor Finish?

Even though there are many reasons why Polyurethane floor finish is still a popular choice, there are several drawbacks. A polyurethane floor coating is such a thick compound, hence it must be applied in very thin layers to avoid non-uniform thickness and lumping. Further still, because a polyurethane floor finish must be applied in such a thin layer, it will not cover imperfections in the underlying substrate as well as an epoxy system might. In this case, it is better for an epoxy primer layer to be installed first, with a polyurethane coating on top.

What Are Some Uses for Polyurethane Coatings?

Polyurethane coatings are excellent choices for warehouses and Industrial complexes where large machinery will be stored. These coatings are also the ideal flooring finish for veterinary labs, and animal laboratory facilities. Additionally, since Polyurethane coatings are so durable and glossy, they are commonly suitable for use as, auto garage floors and aircraft hangars.

Stucco for Wall Color and Texture

Stucco is a combination of cementitious ingredients, aggregate, and water.It is a popular interior wall finish for bathrooms,kitchens and plasters.It can be used on new interior plaster,on sound previously painted interior surfaces prepared with primer,and when coating pre-fifties walls with possible acid/alkali reaction. The key ingredient,white cement makes it extremely versatile, giving it the hardened properties of concrete that provides an economical hard surface that is rot, rust, and fire resistant, which can be colored and finished in a wide range of textures to adorn any architectural style.

Color is determined by selecting cement and aggregate color, and quite often modified by adding mineral oxide pigments to the plaster mix. White Portland cement makes it possible to achieve the widest range of colors for the stucco finish.Below is Fossilcote Lime paste blended stucco wall finish:


Image: Sample Fossilcote Interior  stucco wall

Texture adds dimensions to your projects. It can be used to provide highlights, depth, continuity, segmentation, and even achieve the look of a completely different construction material such as brick, or stone masonry construction. Texture is achieved by selecting aggregate size, controlling finish mix consistency, and using special treatment techniques during and after application of the finish coat plaster. To confirm the suitability of a desired color and texture, be sure to ask your plasterer to provide a sample panel for evaluation prior to starting work.

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Creating Lasting Impression with Fossilcote Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems

As part of their plan to refurbish an existing factory space and meet the need for a high gloss, durable  floor system capable of handling the rigours of their  motor vehicle Assembling,Volvo Kenya, a Bus & Truck Assembling Company recently contracted Fossilcote Limited, a leading manufacturer of Epoxy Resin Floor system to do the project.

Fossilcote, an industrial flooring specialists installed  720m2 area of Volvo warehouse with Epoxy Resin Floor system. The final product is a visually attractive finish combining advanced levels of performance in use together with easy clean properties.

The existing floor had originally been badly discolored, peeling off and chipping in many areas and presented significant challenges to remove. The team from Fossilcote Limited prepared the concrete surface carefully to ensure optimum adhesion for the new flooring using concrete prep grinder machine to remove layers of old paint.

The damaged concrete and cracks were then repaired using epoxy resin mortar compound. When preparation work was complete, the entire floor was applied with a coat of Fossilcote high build epoxy resin in a light-grey color. The resin floor was completed with additional coat of Fossilcote high build epoxy resin in a safety light-grey color to create the required effect.


Image: Fossilcote Epoxy Floor installation for Volvo warehouse

The project was completed on time and within the stipulated budget in just four days, creating an attractive assembling environment engineered to meet the demands of the client’s systems and processes.

Solidkote Robust is a tough and high-build epoxy floor coating which offers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Available in a selection of standard colors, upon request. Solidkote Robust protects floors from oil and chemical spillages and is ideal for use on warehouse flooring, garages and workshops.

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