Fossilcote Expands its Factory and Market Shares in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fossilcote Limited, a respected manufacturer of Resinous flooring and Niche Cementitious coatings, has expanded its Market share therefore increased its factory operations in South Africa. Fossilcote is ever increasing in popularity for its resinous flooring systems and cementitious coatings. The company has its footprints in many parts of Africa, but boast operations is SA, Kenya, EAC. Furthermore, Fossilcote have extended their major operations to the great South Africa, SADC, West Africa, North Africa and East African countries. Recently, Fossilcote South Africa operations has been nominated for major tenders with construction contractors and their accredited application A-team have already embarked on these projects.

With today’s compressed construction and facility renovation schedules, time is minimal and because of rapid installations, clients have increased their demand of Fossilcote supply and apply. Fossilcote has increased the size of its premises in South Africa to be able to hoard their huge supply of products in a relatively larger space.

By extending their operations and increasing premise size in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, Fossilcote stands to benefit immensely in tapping into the influential African Market increasing their footprint in the greater Africa.

craisouth Africa pic 2

Images: TOP LEFT: Craig Robertson (BDD), TOP RIGHT: Kaylin Team, BOTTOM: Fossilcote Application A-Team.

When asked about the company’s business vision, Craig Robertson, Fossilcote Business Development Director vivaciously stated, “Our aim is to provide quality innovated products that fit in the purpose of our client needs. We aim to continue innovating and delivering the best quality high-performance flooring and niche cementitious coating solutions that can be installed in the most efficient, rapid and competitive manner possible.”

Experienced Fossilcote Representatives are available in Kenya and South Africa.

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