Fossiltool for All your Floor Coating & wall Paint Application

If you need floor and wall coating tools to get your project done in a snap, you can find the perfect piece of equipment that meets your requirement in our wide selection of high-quality Tools section. Fossilcote considers itself helpful to be of service to its clientele to ease the work load, with reliable tools the DIY needs no professional help. Doing this project by yourself is quick, easy and very economical to breathe new life into your personal space. Check out our large array of options and get all the tools you need for floor and wall safety, grinding, cutting, preparation and application on our website

At reasonable prices, you can get the job done without a hassle! And with peace of mind.


Preparation and Application tools

Fossiltools are great for building contractors, Architects, Project managers, DIY and Interior designers looking to complete a project, as they are relatively economical and easy to use, as all tools come with an instruction manual and warranty. Fossiltools are essential, as they help make floor installation and wall coating easy to apply.


Cutting and grinding tools

If you need to complete multiple projects or simply want to get everything fixed in one easy package, Fossilcote have contractor bundles available as well. With all the floor coating and wall painter Application tools you need in one pack, you can save time and money, not needing to shop around to get what you need. Whatever the Job, Fossilcote have the right flooring and wall coating tools for you. From concrete grinders to mixers, rollers, mastic Removers, brushes and more, everything is included. Make your project as quick and easy as possible with Fossiltool, enabling you to get started and complete in the demanding time frames!

Fossiltool is your best resort to get a brand-new look and feel for your floors and walls. Changing an old, disfigured floor to a glossy, lustrous and sleek becomes child’s play with Fossiltool, you will execute the job in no time, and achieve your floor and wall surface the durable and desirable finish!

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