Fossilcote’s Festive Season flooring projects

Many businesses across Africa close during major holidays as these are traditionally slow business periods, including between Christmas and New Year.

This shut down period can provide the ideal opportunity for facility refurbishment.The prospect of overhauling an existing floor finish to a strict deadline may seem daunting, however a speedy solution can reduce downtime, scheduling headaches and deliver a rapid result.

Unlike some other flooring systems, resinous epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems technology is rapid curing. Resinous flooring typically achieves a full physical and chemical cure within one to two hours of installation, meaning that the surface can be subjected to full operational use under and extremely tight turnaround.

Additionally, resinous flooring can be installed within a wide temperature range and in conditions as low as -30°C, which makes it an ideal choice for facilities using back-of-house cold stores, coolers or blast freezers.

Fossilcote resinous flooring solutions are ideal for refurbishment projects as they can be installed on concrete and steel substrates.

Fossilcote resinous flooring solutions are available in a range of decorative finishes, from colored quartz granules and solid colors to which can be used to complement and enhance a facility or meet corporate branding guidelines.



Added to the aesthetic benefits of the Fossilcote flooring system are the performance properties, including chemical and stain resistance, bond strength, a seamless and impervious finish and the ability to meet a range of slip resistance requirements.

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Why choose Antimicrobial Flooring?

With the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other harmful pathogens in the environment, many facilities are now shifting to antimicrobial flooring and coatings, in efforts to fight germs and disease-causing bacteria. At Fossilcote, our antimicrobial resinous flooring and coating system is powerful enough to counter these challenges.

Our antimicrobial flooring is specially formulated with silver ion technology to safeguard against surface contamination. The antimicrobial protection becomes an integral part of the cured floor coating system, whether it’s a high performance industrial concrete coating or one of our innovative, custom-designed floors.

The types of facilities requiring the superior protection of Fossilcote antimicrobial flooring and other resinous coatings are numerous and diverse, but they all keep germs at bay.

Antimicrobial flooring can be an important contributor to optimal sanitation and pathogen control in facilities required to meet strict standards.

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What you need to know about Anti-microbial hospital flooring

Did you know that today, many healthcare facilities are investing in seamless flooring that has got anti-microbial properties, meaning the materials that make up the flooring does inhibit the growth of bacteria? 

Microbes and pathogens tend to proliferate on the floor surface in hard-to-clean seams, corners or depressions in the floor. The Microbes can infiltrate the actual floor covering itself, should it become compromised or susceptible to damage. 

Unwanted microorganisms can also collect in dark, damp pockets underneath the flooring. The best and easiest strategy is to install resinous epoxy and polyurethane floors –seamless flooring options that is fluid-applied directly to a prepared concrete slab, essentially bonding completely with the concrete substrate, eliminating the danger of pockets forming under the floor topping.

To avoid the hidden hazards of unseen microbe proliferation in healthcare facilities, seamless resinous flooring offers an ideal solution.

Virtually seamless flooring systems minimize the chances microbial multiplication. These floors are more resistant to indentations, which helps eliminate places where germs can gather. Along with an appropriate cleaning regime, resinous flooring systems help maintain a more sanitary environment. By supporting efforts to prevent the spread of microbes, well-selected floor coverings can help mitigate the risk of hospital-contracted secondary infections. High performance, antimicrobial resinous flooring is an ideal foundation for a successful healthcare facility sanitation strategy.

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Hygienic Flooring & Wall Coatings


Fossilcote is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of hygienic flooring and wall coating systems.

Fossilcote’s durable hygienic walls and floor coatings are appropriate for a variety of industrial, domestic and commercial settings from food restaurants, packaging firms, Health facilities, automotive garages, residential homes and wineries.

The company has been at the forefront of the flooring market for decades with their high performance technology and expertise. A hygienic floor for Fossilcote is critical. Whether installation is in a food manufacturing plant or wherever, sanitation is crucial. So the floors and walls need to be seamless to prevent any possibility of bacterial growth.

Fossilcote offers a broad range of finishes and solutions that are all hygienic and seamless. Our floors are poured and rolled on, creating a beautiful well-proportioned floor with no cracks or gaps for bacteria and germs to penetrate.


Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge means we understand that flooring systems of this nature need to be able to withstand frequent traffic from heavy pieces of equipment.

All Fossilcote floors are durable and can withstand continuous traffic from pedestrians and heavy machinery as well as rigorous cleaning systems.

With over 30 years of successful wall applications, Fossilcote’s hygienic wall coatings have an exceptional proven track record and represent one of the simplest and most effective methods of achieving a surface that is easy to clean, tough and seamless.

Free from joints or gaps that provide a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, Fossilcote offer the highest levels of hygiene required with our combined flooring and wall coating solutions.

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How safe are your Hospital Floors against Infection Outbreak?

Hospital floors should be designed in a manner that they can withstand any form of infection and spread of diseases. As healthcare facilities, they must provide a hygienic, safe and healing environment for the patients and staff at large.

Contributing to infection control efforts, Fossilcote floors are seamless, meaning they are without cracks or joints for harmful pathogens to thrive. Fosilcote’s seamless Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for wards, hallways, theatres and Intensive Care Units (ICU).


In addition, by having Fossilcote Epoxy Flooring System, healthcare facilities are guaranteed durability, aesthetic appeal as well as clean environment devoid of infections. Fossilcote systems perform with much superior qualities to traditional flooring.

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Fossilcote Walls and Floor Coatings Manufacturer Has Open Offices in Kampala, Uganda

Fossilcote Limited, a manufacturer of high performance commercial, industrial and institutional Resinous floor systems and Cementitious wall coatings, has opened their doors to their new premises in Uganda. Fossilcote has experienced unique expansion since its inception, with the eye of further growth. The company offers high performance epoxy, PU coatings and toppings in unification with specialized applicators. Due to its broad application techniques, Fossilcote is introducing its services and operations to customers in the neighboring countries.

Having recently secured space In Uganda, Fossilcote Limited is delighted to bring quality products and efficient services to the industrial and commercial sector, “The expansion of Fossilcote to Uganda improves our capability to nurture the needs of our clientele,” said Craig Robertson, Business Development Director of Fossilcote Limited. “In this short space of time, we’re already apprehending great synergy in having the Fossilcote brand exposed in Uganda. We are privileged to witness Fossilcote’s evolution and be able to deliver optimal flooring and wall solutions, complimented with impeccable service to more customers than ever before.”


Having grown beyond borders, Fossilcote nevertheless ensures to deliver on its promise in accordance with their Ethos. Valued as a provider of jobs to firstly to the local and international community, Fossilcote supplies its broad selection of specialty flooring and cementitious wall coating products to customers throughout Kenya to the whole of East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa and other parts of the world. Our enthusiastic teams look forward to a bright future of continual growth, innovation and market leadership.

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Fossiltool for All your Floor Coating & wall Paint Application

If you need floor and wall coating tools to get your project done in a snap, you can find the perfect piece of equipment that meets your requirement in our wide selection of high-quality Tools section. Fossilcote considers itself helpful to be of service to its clientele to ease the work load, with reliable tools the DIY needs no professional help. Doing this project by yourself is quick, easy and very economical to breathe new life into your personal space. Check out our large array of options and get all the tools you need for floor and wall safety, grinding, cutting, preparation and application on our website

At reasonable prices, you can get the job done without a hassle! And with peace of mind.


Preparation and Application tools

Fossiltools are great for building contractors, Architects, Project managers, DIY and Interior designers looking to complete a project, as they are relatively economical and easy to use, as all tools come with an instruction manual and warranty. Fossiltools are essential, as they help make floor installation and wall coating easy to apply.


Cutting and grinding tools

If you need to complete multiple projects or simply want to get everything fixed in one easy package, Fossilcote have contractor bundles available as well. With all the floor coating and wall painter Application tools you need in one pack, you can save time and money, not needing to shop around to get what you need. Whatever the Job, Fossilcote have the right flooring and wall coating tools for you. From concrete grinders to mixers, rollers, mastic Removers, brushes and more, everything is included. Make your project as quick and easy as possible with Fossiltool, enabling you to get started and complete in the demanding time frames!

Fossiltool is your best resort to get a brand-new look and feel for your floors and walls. Changing an old, disfigured floor to a glossy, lustrous and sleek becomes child’s play with Fossiltool, you will execute the job in no time, and achieve your floor and wall surface the durable and desirable finish!

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