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Epoxy Flooring is the Foundation of Your Business! Why take chance?

There are lots of different flooring options to choose from, and Fossilcote carefully decide which one is right for you. Then we match the specially formulated product to your exact flooring needs. If you are interested we can install for you our high-performance floor. We have experience in Food & Beverage Facilities, Chemical Manufacturing Plants, Automotive showrooms and the pharmaceuticals. You stand a chance to save a great deal of money on your floor repair costs, should you opt to install Fossilcote Epoxy floor! Call us at (+254780367745-Kenya) (+256750370181 Uganda) and (+25500000000 Tanzania) for free advice on how to install the floor that is right for your facility.


Get in touch with our Managing Director who will provide you with a free estimate for our floor installation services. By the way, before we embark on your flooring project, we first begin by assessing your needs thoroughly. This entails us doing a thorough analysis to determine the perfect flooring solution for you. Then we provide you with all of the information from our analysis so you can make a decision about your floors with absolute assurance.

After we are done installing your floor, your facility will have a new vibrancy that enhances the mood of the entire facility be it your commercial kitchen, mall, factory warehouse or laboratory. All the skid marks, scratches and imperfections you initially saw on your floor would be no more! Your clients will have an inexplicable feeling that the entire place looks more appealing. They will feel more at ease, relaxed and you will then easily turn these clients into lifelong customers and of course, dramatically increase sales!




Why Big Companies & Reputable Brands Prefer Fossilcote Epoxy Flooring

Fossilcote has serviced Africa’s biggest brands. When a Hotel or restaurant need their floor beautiful, slip resistant or easy to clean & maintain, Fossilcote always rise to the occasion. We have provided commercial, industrial, and retail epoxy floors to companies where quality matters most. From Food & Beverage to manufacturing, from Automotive to Pharmaceuticals, from Chemical industries to Packaging industries, join these esteemed brands that benefit from our flooring services. We have installed floors for numerous brands among them:


Get a quote directly from us. Call +254780367745 Email:

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Why You Should Epoxy Your Food & Beverage Floor

We all know that Food & Beverage processing facilities are regularly exposed to germs, bacteria and pathogens. Fossilcote as a Flooring company acknowledges different industries’ needs and manufacture floor coatings that combat such problems. Fossilcote flooring is ideal for the following Industrial Sectors:

Bottle Processing – subject to high foot and vehicular traffic our flooring for the beverage facilities i.e. juice pants and wine distilleries is both durable and flexible to withstand such conditions. In the case of dairy plants and other wet and dry processing zones, we offer flooring that is durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Fresh Food Processing – for food processing zones that require low temperatures for food storage and preservation, we offer flooring that is suitable for this to ensure minimal downtime and risk of spoilage. Fossilcote special antimicrobial flooring is ideal for the confectioneries, bakeries, fish and meat processing facilities where a hygienic floor finish is vital to safeguard against food contamination from fats, acids, sugar and blood spillage on the floor. Our floor coatings are highly resistant to these chemicals that would normally cause severe corrosive damage when they spill on the ordinary concrete floor.


Sample Image: Flooring for Poultry processing Factory

Contact Fossilcote today on +254780367745 or Email: service East Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, and North Africa.


Questions to ask yourself first before hiring an Epoxy Flooring Company

1.How much  Experience do they have  ?

Does your epoxy flooring company qualify in regards to experience? Fossilcote epoxy flooring company endow over 20 years’ experience in the resin flooring field. They have serviced so many clients both in Kenya, South Africa and many other parts of Africa. They’ve got the relevant techonological know-how required to do both commercial and industrial floor applications.

2.Which technology do they use?

Fossilcote Epoxy flooring company for instance manufactures  floors locally using international technology. Their floor and wall coatings are highly innovative, durable and chemical resistant in nature due to the advanced resin technology  used in the production.



3.Can they service your industry?

Choose an epoxy flooring company that has experience servicing your industry. Fossilcote serves a wider range of sectors i.e. food & Beverage, automotive, Packaging, aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

To learn more about Fossilcote and our Resin Epoxy Flooring kindly contact us on

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Fossilcote & AFMASS 2018

We are excited to announce that we shall be one of the exhibitors at the coming April 25th AFMASS event at Nairobi Convention & Conferencing Centre. We have always loved to take part in this expo every time it’s organized in Kenya.



Last year in April, Fossilcote graced this event at the Visa Oshwal Centre in Westlands. In this Expo, we met key industrial stakeholders and lots of potential customers that translated to good business for us. We were also very impressed to  interact with the caliber of potential customers we met at 2017 April AFMASS, many of whom ended up signing  up for further cooperation and commerce with us.

Please give us a shout on these contacts: Fossilcote Limited: +254 780367745/ +254 7797367745 would love to inform you more on where we would be located at the venue…12 days remaining! Welcome to our stall, come see our product samples…interact with your epoxy flooring experts at this premier event. We cherish demonstrating to our fans about our antimicrobial resin epoxy and polyurethane floor coating systems. What more, there will be plenty of freebies up for grabs for our customers! Fossilcote mugs, caps, stencils, candies!!!

Fossilcote Floor Coating System For Car Park & Garage

Have you ever wondered why the demand for car parking spaces is ever high with automobile owners looking for safe and secure environments in which to park their vehicles? In the modern world, there are more vehicles on the roads than ever before, which in turn means that parking has become a routine part of everyday life.

A Car park is the first point of contact for visitors in any shopping center. It is actually the facade of the building that provides a person with their first impression of a business center, while at the same time serving its primary functional role. The initial appearance, ease of use, signage, bright lighting and clear directional marking of a car park therefore give it a more positive impression.

The blueprints of car parking facilities must take into account a number of key factors: First, a good parking garage floor should help prolong the life of the structure as a whole. One essential design consideration for a car parking is the deck coating. The deck waterproofing and wearing surface system used must be skid and abrasion resistant for suitability in the exposure of the area in question. Highly resistant resin-based deck coating systems can be used to prevent the onset of corrosion, providing a protective barrier between the host substrate and contaminants such as: fuels and oils, tire stains, freeze, chlorides, salt, snow, automotive fluids, battery acid diesel and toxic gases from exhaust pipes. All of these factors can impact negatively on the fabric of the structure, imposing dynamic stresses, which can lead to the early cracking of the host concrete and potentially expensive structural failure.

Fossilcote car parking deck system counter these challenges. We produce a broad spectrum of fast-turnaround car park deck floor coating that can help protect the floor and return it to a nearly new condition.

Below is our car park deck system we installed  for a client in Nairobi.




Our Epoxy and polyurethane resin based car park decking system is common and are increasingly being specified, particularly in refurbishment situations in the automotive garages and showrooms. This car park deck coating is comprised of many different polymer chemistries to help ensure parking lots have a full range of solutions from which they can choose, depending upon their needs and budget.

Our product lineup for commercial car parking and garages includes epoxy coatings that are available in waterproofing underlayment, color stable, UV and weather-resistant finishes. Fossilcote’s high performance deck coating systems can also adhere to damp concrete substrates, cure in cool temperatures and are easy to install. You will be able to resume your business within two hours of the coating application!

These special properties can significantly lower installation labor costs—and help Car parks and garages get back up and running as quickly as possible. Our team of local qualified and approved installers can help you select the best epoxy floor coating value for your unique facility. We always strive to manufacture innovative flooring that offers high performance, outstanding durability and safety for every facility’s unique needs.

Contact Fossilcote on +254780367745 to learn more about our full array of flooring solutions.

We have installed floors for: Porsche, Volvo Kenya, Simba Colt Motors Ltd and Bethel Motors East Africa Limited.



















How to Apply Epoxy Floor Coating

Did you know that epoxy floors offer a beautiful, durable and long-lasting surface for commercial and industrial flooring? Epoxy coatings are normally applied on concrete floor to provide a high performance, smooth and durable surface that can last for ages and withstand heavy loads. Many warehouses, chemical plants and commercial buildings require epoxy floors as they need to uphold high standards of hygiene and enhance cleanliness.

An epoxy coating will need a slightly porous and cleaned surface to adhere properly. First it’s important to patch and repair all major cracks and chips before applying the epoxy. For the epoxy coating to bond or adhere on to the surface, it should be  applied over smooth concrete Also remember to test the surface for previous layers of epoxy or other products that might have been applied over the years.

Before applying the epoxy coating make sure that the temperature is adequate. If applied at different temperatures than the ones specified, the epoxy coating application may peel. Once you have mixed the product you have a specific time to apply the epoxy coating before it starts to harden.



The primer is applied and allowed to settle for several hours before the epoxy goes on. Use a roller, to spread the epoxy out in a thin layer across the entire floor space. Then wait for the primer to dry up before you apply the second coat.

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