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Wall Coatings

Fossilcote Limited has a whole selection of wall coatings available for a wide range of walls surfaces. Whether you’d like to waterproof your exterior brick wall or paint a damp internal substrate – we’ve got a solution for you.

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Fossilcote trained applicators have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that they provide a suitable system, to give maximum durability and protection to your wall. Below are just some of the solutions we offer:

Popular Exterior Wall Coatings:


​​Stucco paint– a cement-based interior and exterior plaster paint.

Contains Portland cement, lime, and water.

Available in a variety of colors and texture. Can also be applied by brush over wall surfaces inside and outside buildings.

Its properties include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful finish
  • High durable and long lasting
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Fire retardant

Cement Paint



Fossilcote Cement Paint is a cementitious paint that is based on inorganic materials that are not affected by UV degradation. It is suitable for use on unpainted cement render, bagged brickwork, concrete, concrete masonry blocks, common bricks, sandstone and other absorbent building stones. Has hydrophobic polymers that give it a water repellent property. After correct preparation, it can also be applied to previously painted masonry surfaces. Steel troweled concrete, smooth cast concrete or off-form concrete can receive our wall coatings. This paint wets back because it does not allow moisture to pass beyond the coating itself.

– Brush plaster

Brush plaster is applied on exterior walls. Has advantages similar to stucco paint. This paint is applied using block brush in varied thickness.

Scratch Plaster-Is a cementitious wall coating same as brush plaster. Can be applied by steel trowel in 2,4 and 6mm thickness.

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Pigmented Plaster-Pigmented plaster contains cement. Has same properties as scratch plaster. Fossilcote Pigmented Plaster is a 2-3 mm trowel-on cement plaster that contains natural oxides, which is applied by trowel to unpainted cement plaster.

News-134-rammed-earth-plasters-gallery-design-naturally-pigmented-–-interior-design-luxury-interiors-stucco-adobe-rustic-minimalism-paint-alternatives-1200x827.jpgThe coating offers a beautiful natural finish that does not require painting or maintenance. Colors include Zambarau, Kamba yellow, Matoke green, Chocolate, Lime white, Sugarcane, Cheese, Strawberry, Fossil Grey and many more others.
Other Wall Coatings Include:
Acrylic-based Paints – Fossil Suede Paint

Is a decorative paint brush applied on both Interior and Exterior walls.

Available in Selected color range and custom tinted colors.


Fossilcote Pearl Paint –Is a metallic looking, shimmer plaster with a textured finish.

Fossilcote Pearl Paint Coating is water-based and environmentally friendly.


Marble finish Texture-Marble finish texture is inspired by the look of granite rock. This Robust DIY paint gets its flecked appearance from recycling dry paint.

Slush Paint-This paint has similar characteristics to frost paint.


Slush paint is good for recreational areas. Can be applied on countertops and dries within 20-30 minutes. The origin of this concept is the blast of the cold freezing air that hits you when the Gatti guy on the beach takes the lid of the ice-cream cart.

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The Right Flooring for Swimming Pools & Pool Decks

Did you know that swimming pool areas must be safe and clean? Whether in hotels, resorts, clubs, spas, water parks or schools, swimming pools must meet sanitation guidelines to effectively protect the health of those on the property. Facility managers often want their pool areas to look beautiful and glamorous to express the image of their business. Fossilcote swimming pool deck flooring system can meet these needs. Fossilcote offers pool deck coatings in waterproof finishes that can keep the area free of hazards and promote the facility’s aesthetic appeal.

Key considerations for Swimming Pool Flooring

Pools need to portray an environment of hygiene, as well as visual interest because these factors are increasingly significant for guest surveys. Moreover, health inspectors often check pool and spa areas for possible mold, mildew, and microbes that can attract infection and cause illness to the customers. So pool facilities must consider these issues as well.

We are beginning to see a rising investment by facility owners especially in the coastal region where dealers in the hospitality industry are installing pool deck coatings in their facilities to keep the visitors happy and increase revenue. At Fossilcote, our waterproof flooring finishes provide the safety and expedited timeline facilities need for their pool areas. Our flooring is chemical resistant, anti-stain, and is eco-friendly too.

Below is Fossilcote recent flooring project at Mombasa.Our application crew grinding the concrete floor before they apply an epoxy coating with waterproofing properties.

mombasa 6

Whether you need to renovate your existing pool area and spa, Fossilcote has the right selection of beautiful, durable and ideal safe pool decking system for your recreational facility.

We continue to benefit our clients immensely with our pool deck coatings. Get in touch with Fossilcote for a free chat and price estimates on our safe pool decking system.


The Wall Coatings Company FAQs

Q – Do we cover the whole of the Africa?

A – Yes.We cover the whole of the Africa protecting businesses and saving many business owners the need to repaint their property every few years.

Q – How much will it cost for an advanced protective wall coating for my property?

A – The answer depends on the size and type of your property and how much preparation work is necessary to the exterior of your business premise, office or home in order for us to be able to apply our cementitious wall coatings and niche paints.

This is why we do a free site survey and price quotation so that we can give you the specific requirements needed for us to do the job for you. Feel free to call us on 0780367745 for more information.

Q – Are your site surveys and consultations free of charge?

A – Yes. Both the site survey and consultations are completely toll-free and there is no obligation whatsoever. We never pass your details on to a 3rd party and you will only ever be contacted by an experienced consultant directly by Fossilcote Company.

Q – Do we do Coatings for residential apartments?



A – Yes. Our wall coatings are suitable for application on residential apartments, industrial premises and business buildings.

Q – What is the product that we use?

A – Our waterproofing cementitious coatings are designed to be a long lasting, low maintenance, durable solution which gives you excellent value for money.

Q – Do you offer rendering as a service on its own?

A – No. We do not just provide rendering services on its own. Rendering work may be required before we apply our cementitious wall coating to your property. We may need to do minor repair work on your wall before we do the actual paint work.

Happy Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is a special day to express love for each other. We love our clients and customers.We also love our employees and friends who form an important aspect of our life.


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This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to take the opportunity to let our clients and friends know how much they mean to us. We genuinely appreciate your support. We thanks you by remembering you on this Valentine’s Day. You just have no idea how much we appreciate working with you to bring success into our business.

We have much to love about you, and look forward to a bright future with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Fossilcote Limited

What maintenance is required for epoxy flooring systems? How long will an epoxy system last?

The epoxy floor is easy to clean and maintain because it’s seamless. However,the surface cleaning techniques differs among epoxy resinous systems. Fossilcote will advise you on the best cleaning systems for your newly installed flooring.
The life of an epoxy flooring system is dependent upon a number of factors such as the type of flooring system,exposure to chemicals,amount and type of traffic and the cleaning procedure.
Call/text or whatsapp Fossilcote Limited on the best advice on how to clean and maintain your epoxy floor.
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Fossilcote Cementitious Wall Coatings-Painting the image of perfection

Did you know that cementitious coatings offer a unique wall finish than the normal paint? Cement-based wall coatings are your best alternative to paint. I’ll tell you why:

Firstly, cementitious coatings contain fine aggregates, fillers and polymers that gives the coat a strong adherence onto the wall surface.

Cementitious coatings contain water repellent properties to prevent the infiltration of water into the concrete substrate. In case the water gets behind the film, the coating does not crack or peel.

These coatings wet back and do not allow moisture to pass beyond the coating itself, and they are easy to clean and maintain too.

Cement-based coatings are based on inorganic elements only and are therefore not affected by UV degradation.

They can be applied on a variety of surfaces including previously painted masonry walls, concrete masonry blocks, common bricks, sandstone and other absorbent building stones.


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What about the color and texture?

Fossilcote cementitious coatings are available in a range of natural colors. We also do designer coatings with the customers’ preferred color and texture. If you like, we can give the wall a textured or smooth finish with a mottled look.
When correctly applied, cementitious coatings can make your wall last for a lifetime. Fossilcote cementitious coatings are hand-applied by trained and certified applicators. We carefully select our technical team and subject them to a rigorous training before we can entrust them to do a project for our clients.

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Need a floor survey & installation guidance?

Meet  Lilian Kidali, our architect Specifier at Fossilcote Limited. Lilian advises our clients and the entire project team about the selection of the right product materials, application, and integration required to make their floor coating project work. She provides project managers with product samples, survey and installation guidance for difficult floor applications.



Fossilcote incorporates product lines that are sought after around the world and that have satisfied the needs and demands of many clients.We cover every aspect of your project. Architectural trends and scientific developments define our product design process which we then combine with technical excellence to deliver high-performance systems. Seamless resin epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems, cementitious wall coatings, and niche texture wall paints that are durable, beautiful, weather resistant, eco-friendly and anti-UV are all factors considered as we design our range of wall and floor coating products.

We also understand that the specification process is influenced by client demands to obtain the best value. We contact site visits, project meetings and outline budget discussions. Your design stages can be supported through samples, for consultation or planning issues.

We are your specialist floor coating contractor who will always quote or tender competitively for any of your floor or wall coating projects.

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